A hot oil manicure is great for cracked or dry hands because a hot oil manicure helps to improve overall nail health. Everyday wear on your hands can cause them to become dry and your nails to become brittle, so improve your nail health and skin with a hot oil manicure.

A hot oil manicure is also one of the best for women. It leaves the skin feeling softer and allows for better nail health in terms of brittle or dry nails.

Hot Oil Manicure Procedure

The hot oil manicure procedure is the same as a traditional manicure process up to a point. However, instead of a lotion massage at the end of the manicure the therapist will prep a heater with oil and submerge your nails for few minuites.

Oils that are commonly used in a hot oil manicure are almond, sesame, mineral or olive oil. There are subtle differences to each of the oils and a manicurist will be able to help you decide which is best for you. Once your hands have been submerged in the oils, your manicurist will remove them and massage the oils into your hands, wrists and cuticles.

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