• DO Exfoliate hands at least once every week. Dead skin cells tend to accumulate between your fingers.
  • Do Moisturize your nails (religiously) like you do your skin and hair.
  • DO Apply sunscreen on your hands before going under the LED light at the salon.
  • DO Ask your therapist for an extra layer of base coat to prevent discoloration When opting for a bright red or orange polish.
  • To promote healthy growth, apply a light layer of cuticle oil around your cuticles and on the sides of your nails Daily.


  • DON’T hesitate to ask nail technicians to show sterlization proof of the tools. The pouch should be sealed and indicator turned brown or orange
  • DON’T use blades to get rid of dead skin on the feet. Invest in a callus treatment.
  • DON’T open a canned soda, reach out for your wallet or do any of the stuff that may smudge your polish for atleast 30mins to an hour after your manicure
  • DON’T cook or go near the stover after a fresh manicure. Polish are like paint, they melt
  • DON’T scrape off the polish—this is terrible for your nails and will strip them!
  • DON’T keep the gel manicure on past two weeks
  • DON’T peel off your gel at home or else you will have to deal with weakened, damaged nails even if you had the strongest healthiest nails.

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