Do’s Before Facial:

Do check the skin before every facial for knowing whether the skin is suitable for the facial or not. Those who are having sensitive skin should consult us before facial.The best way get good results in facial do only afternoon or evening times.

Do’s After facial:

Do wash the face only after 2 hours of facial with cold water. Only if the skin is oily, you can use cold water for washing the face. Remember don’t use any creams or soap after facial.

Do not rub the face with fingers. This will not allow the pores to close and they will not absorb the facial elements which are used.

Don’ts Before Facial:

Do not go in sun before facial. Ultra violet rays if falls on the skin, the effect might be shown after facial.Wear high SPF sun protection cream before and after facial.

Don’ts After facial:

Don’t use anything to face for 8 hours after facial. If pores are not closed after facial and if creams or cleansers are used, it will affect the skin.

Don’t do any kind of bleach or facial on the first day prior to party.

Do not do eyebrow threading or treat with vapors after facials as the skin will be very sensitive

Do not use make up

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