There are a lot of benefits to a paraffin wax manicure . The heat will open your pores, which allows the lubricants in the paraffin wax and moisturizing cream that the manicurist will apply to soften your skin.

The heat from the paraffin wax will also allow for better circulation in your hands. If you have dry or cracked hands then a paraffin wax manicure from Mind & Sense would be a great choice for you.

A paraffin wax manicure is a great for enhancing and maintaining nail health. People see your hands all the time and cracked skin can be annoying or painful.

Additionally, paraffin wax can have therapeutic aspects to it in addition to allowing for better circulation or relief from arthritis, eczema or carpal tunnel. Even without these health benefits, having even softer hands is a great bonus from a paraffin wax care!

Our manicurist will make sure your wax is at a comfortable temperature to prevent you from any burning or uncomfortable sensations.

After the manicure cleaning process the therapist will insert your hands into our disposable paraffin wax gloves and lock with thermal gloves to enhance the effects of paraffin and finished off with a relaxing hand massage and polish application

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