Dermalogica Power Active Resurace Facial


Today, more than ever, the desire to reverse the signs of aging and achieve luminous skin has found its way to the top of the priority list. However, our modern lifestyles has prevented us from investing enough time in professional skin treatments that deliver these results.

Introducing Active Resurfacing ; an advanced 90 minute resurfacing treatment that utilizes a cocktail of the most advanced cosmeceutcial ingredients available in todays innovative skin care arena. As the professional skin therapists choice worldwide, Dermalogica has unrivaled reputation within the skin care industry and continues to be an innovative leader – not only with its formulations, but within the profession treatment room.

The Treatment:
In line with Dermalogica’s “No Cookie Cutter” Approach to professional skin treatments, active resurface 35 can be tailored to focus on your specific skin care concerns as well as customised to a level that suits yourk skin type and skin health.

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