Color Glossing / Color Toning


Toning is a hair color with a sheer shade option that helps achieve that perfect blonde tone and seal in an extra four to six weeks of shine. A toner can also be used to correct hair color. For example, your color can become dull or a bit brassy from the sun, environment or shampooing. A glaze is conditioning and non-damaging, so you are able to pop into your salon in-between highlights for a quick refresher for your highlights.

When used properly has the ability to take your hair to that celebrity status with shine and brilliance. If you’re worried about what a glaze will do to your hair, don’t be afraid to ask your colorist any questions pertaining to this topic.

A gloss is not able to lighten your hair or cover gray hair. For that, you will need to discuss other options with your stylist.

We Recommend color lock treatment for longer lasting results.

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