Difference between Acrylics, Hard Gel & Soak Off Lite Gel


Acrylic removal process is simple and straightforward you can opt for nails to be soaked rather than filed off. Acrylics are very strong ,they can last a long time and are very robust but may look less natural than gel. Pregnant women are advised not to use acrylic nails during pregnancy due to strong use of chemicals.

Hard gel

Looks more natural and glossy than other types of cosmetic nails. The curing time is faster than acrylics. Gel nail mixtures lack the fumes associated with acrylic nails – they’re considered a safer, more eco-friendly option but They don’t last as long and are less durable than acrylic Hard Gel nails often need to be filed off which can make the natural nail very thin and brittle.

Soak Off Lite Gel

Soak-off gel nails is the way to go if you have damaged brittle nails but still cant do without those gorgeous extensions this gel last for about 2 -3 weeks, and don’t require hurtful and damaging drills and extensive filing ,it’ s easy to remove by using just the acetone. they always look like they were just done, they are more flexible and lightweight, however, they are not strong and does not last as long as their counterparts.


A hot oil manicure is great for cracked or dry hands because a hot oil manicure helps to improve overall nail health. Everyday wear on your hands can cause them to become dry and your nails to become brittle, so improve your nail health and skin with a hot oil manicure. A hot oil manicure is also one of the best for women. It leaves the skin feeling softer and allows for better nail health in terms of brittle or dry nails.

Hot Oil Manicure Procedure
The hot oil manicure procedure is the same as a traditional manicure process up to a point. However, instead of a lotion massage at the end of the manicure the therapist will prep a heater with oil and submerge your nails for few minuites.

Oils that are commonly used in a hot oil manicure are almond, sesame, mineral or olive oil. There are subtle differences to each of the oils and a manicurist will be able to help you decide which is best for you. Once your hands have been submerged in the oils, your manicurist will remove them and massage the oils into your hands, wrists and cuticles.


There are a lot of benefits to a paraffin wax manicure . The heat will open your pores, which allows the lubricants in the paraffin wax and moisturizing cream that the manicurist will apply to soften your skin.

The heat from the paraffin wax will also allow for better circulation in your hands. If you have dry or cracked hands then a paraffin wax manicure from Mind & Sense would be a great choice for you.

A paraffin wax manicure is a great for enhancing and maintaining nail health. People see your hands all the time and cracked skin can be annoying or painful.

Additionally, paraffin wax can have therapeutic aspects to it in addition to allowing for better circulation or relief from arthritis, eczema or carpal tunnel. Even without these health benefits, having even softer hands is a great bonus from a paraffin wax care!

Our manicurist will make sure your wax is at a comfortable temperature to prevent you from any burning or uncomfortable sensations.

After the manicure cleaning process the therapist will insert your hands into our disposable paraffin wax gloves and lock with thermal gloves to enhance the effects of paraffin and finished off with a relaxing hand massage and polish application


Feet will think all their celebrations have come at once during a medical pedicure at the hands of a skilled beautician.

The treatment will include removal of hard skin with the most amazing callus treatment, cuticle care and a file, followed by a paraffin treatment which will ensure feet are made to feel soft and refreshed and topped off with a revivng feet reflexology massage and a choice of polish. Alternatively, guests can receive the same pedicure treatment but instead opt for a more durable and longer-lasting gel polish.


VOESH Spa products are made of many key ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.

VOESH Spa system help exfoliate, nourish, hydrate and moisturize the skin. Give your skin the treatment it deserves. Make your Ordinary Spa Extraordinary.

VOESH products are 100% PARABEN-FREE
Each product is machine filled and seal lock tight to maintain the freshness of the product and scent. Therefore It is clean and fresh which eliminate any chances of infections or spreading of germs by using this individually packaged products.


Callus is hard skin commonly found on the heels of the feet and on the balls of the feet. A callus Off simply removes the hard skin from the feet in a painless way. callus removal is applied on the treatment spots and scraped with a disposable file for optimum hygiene. Included in this treatment is the application of a CND Mineral Sea Scrub Specifically designed to exfoliate the heels, and moisturizing of the heel with a cucumber heel therapy which is an intensive moisturizing complex with Aloe, Allantoin, Panthenol and cucumber extract that aids in the repair of dry, cracked skin. This combination helps to soothe and refresh, while Chamomile acts as a natural anti-irritant and anti – inflammatory. The heel therapy if applied daily will help to relieve dry, damaged skin with rich, restorative heel cream.